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Authentic German translations
Literal where necessary, yet creative where possible!

With your target group in mind, I will translate your documents in accordance with your requested style.

Source languages:

English, Dutch, French, Spanish


Business, tourism, education, web texts, marketing, technical and technological field, health and fitness, sports

Local perspective with a global view.

These are your benefits:

  • Excellent native speaker quality
  • Personal advice and empathy for your business
  • Years of experience in the localization sector, with different cultures and countries
  • Modern tools and a client-specific translation memory
  • Low costs thanks to state-of-the-art tools and low overhead costs

This is what you get:

  • Authentic and thoroughly researched German texts which do not read as a translation
  • Punctual deliveries
  • Translations which have been thoroughly proofread
  • Ready-to-use German files tailored to your needs (target group, look-and-feel, style, length etc.)
  • Extra tips for your localization

…and what about the costs?

Competitive pricing compared to the big agencies. Get your quotation free of charge.

What do you really need?

  • Would you just like to have your German text checked for possible grammar and spelling mistakes?
  • Or would you prefer a more detailed revision including style changes, reformulations and use of technical terms?
  • Or would you like to receive an original German text containing puns or that specific tone of voice you are looking for?

Proofreading: Is your German text linguistically correct?

  • Correction of the content (compared to the source text)
  • Correction of any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes present in the documentation

Revision: Is your German text correct and appropriate?

In addition to the linguistic check:

  • If necessary, amendments in style or terminology in accordance with the requested tone of voice and target group

Text creation – Transcreation: Not only efficient but also original?

  • The source text serves as mere inspiration for the German text, which will give a unique impression in order to appeal to the German speaking reader
  • A more creative approach to suit the respective target segment, country and image

A free quote for your German text

Agree on a project price or an hourly rate.

German language training

Years of experience in teaching German for adults and youngsters, knowledge of online training options and certifications through the German Goethe-Institut.

Learn German with your specific personal goal in mind:

  • Business German (get to know each other, small talk, negotiating, presentations and meetings)
  • German for the tourism sector
  • German for your holidays
  • Brush up your German knowledge
  • Private lessons

Face-to-face training, skype lessons, e-mail lessons, online exercises… There are lots of possibilities to learn German.

Which ones do you prefer? We will assemble an appropriate program for your personal goal.

Ask for your personal German language training.

Get more information!

More services
Copy Writing

If you would like to offer your services or products in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you need to specifically adapt your German text, style and tone of voice to these markets.
You may need to copy write your texts according to the image you wish to convey and the targeted group of your product or service.


When post-editing a text, a professional human translator revises a machine translation. This is a service for translation agencies.


Consecutive Interpreting

[Consecutive interpreting = Oral translation from one language into another which is produced after a person has finished speaking and typically with the aid of notetaking]

Interpreting on-site

  • For your company negotiations during business meetings or other conversations with your German speaking guests.

Interpreting by phone

  • For your telephone calls with German speaking relations, interviews, interrogations, interviews and surveys.

Possible language combinations for interpreting assignments

  • English ↔ German
  • French ↔ German
  • Dutch ↔ German

Ask for more information…

…or simply request a quote.

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