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Do you need a German translation?
This is what the standard process looks like:

1. Request per e-mail

Your request should contain at least the following:

  • Source text(s) (docx, pptx, xlsx, txt, rtf; html, xml; pdf)
  • Required language combination
  • Desired delivery date and time
  • Name, address and phone number


  • Instructions including preferred style
  • Rules to be respected (length restrictions, term preferences etc.)
  • Reference material (content information, earlier translations, websites)
  • Terminology lists
  • Existing translation memories (if any)

2. Analysis

  • Number of words in total, work volume
  • Specific requirements and expectations

3. Quotation

  • Based on the word breakdown or on a fixed rate per project
  • Indication of the best possible delivery date and time

4. Translation & Quality Assurance

  • Translation made in accordance with your requirements
  • If needed, batch evaluation and consultation (queries and answers)
  • Thorough proofreading of all German files before delivery

5. Delivery

  • Per e-mail or online file transfer
  • Timely delivery of your German files, eventually including final remarks

6. Service

On request:

  • Project specific recommendations (such as marketing issues for the target group etc.)
  • Small amendments or country variants

The ‘correct quality’…

…of a translation always depends on its intended use. You determine yourself what you need in each specific case. For example:

  • A quick and literal translation in order to understand the content and meaning (not intended for publication).
  • A creative and smooth marketing text praising your product or service for the German market which may not necessarily be the exact equivalent of the source text.
  • A premium German translation, fine-tuned in all details, for a product user manual or for your website.

Request a quote!

Or ask for more information.

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